God of the Wilds and Nature

Lunata loved all beings equally, but she noticed that no one love was greater than another and after a time she felt lonesome. Her uncle Solt saw her loneliness and, moved by her acts of kindness, he decided to grant her a companion. He commanded his body the sun to strike forth rays down to the land to create a massive tree. Then he placed a star within the tree and granted it thought, and so was Yoggler born.

Lunata loved Yoggler, just as she loved everything equally and so her loneliness did not end for her love of Yoggler was no greater than her love for a single blade of grass. Distressed, Yoggler transformed into a bird and ascended the heavens to plead with Tiana, the Great Mother, so that she would end Lunata’s loneliness. But Yoggler was newly formed and his wings small. As he rose to the sky, the winds caught him and tore his body apart. Tiana was moved by Yoggler’s sacrifice so she granted him life once again and granted him wisdom. Each day Yoggler went to the rivers and lakes of the world as a new being for Lunata to love: one day he was a deer, the next a beetle, and another a flower. Lunata was delighted, for within Yoggler she could love all things and so her love for him was greater than any other and was lonely no more.

Followers of Yoggler are protectors of wild places. They never take more from nature than what they need to survive and they prefer natural surroundings. They feel most at home in dense forests and most uncomfortable in cities. Shapeshifting is regarded as sacred.

Alignments allowed: Any non-evil

Weapons permitted: Any; preferred are weapons made primarily from wood such as bows and staves

Class: Ranger and druid work best. Wizard is forbidden (books are seen as excess)

Major spheres: Guardian, animal, plant, creation

Minor Spheres: Necromantic, protection, charm, elemental (earth)

Omens: Followers of Yoggler can read omens in all of nature


Elgeran Seltsam