Truth Seekers

Logic and Reason

Truth Seekers are a selective religious order that believe there is an element of the divine within each being and that each being has the potential to develop that divine element and to become a god in his or her own right. They worship the Path of Truth and the Divine Ones, followers of the faith that the Truth Seekers believe have left the physical plane and transformed themselves into Gods. They pray to the Divine Ones for inspiration and guidance, not for intervention. Truth Seekers believe that the Gods that others pray to are false, with the exception of Tiana who they recognize as a Divine One. Truth Seekers would never ask the Divine Ones to save them from harm, but would ask how they could learn to avoid harm. The Path of Truth is what each Truth Seeker commits to; it is a rigorous discipline and includes mysteries only known to the Truth Seekers. Although Truth Seekers will readily speak to non-believers about their faith, the inner mysteries are known only to those who are accepted into the order. To become accepted, you must demonstrate that you have tapped into the divine within yourself. Priests from other faiths are welcomed to become Truth Seekers once they renounce their false gods. They are mostly tolerated in more populous places in Elgeran provided that they respect local laws, but some suspect that authorities persecute Truth Seekers away from the public eye. In rural areas, Truth Seekers would be wise to not mention that they consider Solt a false god.

Alignments allowed: Any non-good

Class: Priests and wizards are best suited to become Truth Seekers; followers must have a minimum intelligence of 16 and wisdom of 14. Wizards cannot be specialists (mage only).

Weapons permitted: To focus on physical violence is to take attention away from logic. Small melee or hurled weapons only, such as daggers or slings

Major Spheres: Astral, necromantic, numbers (TOM), thought (TOM), time (TOM)

Minor Spheres: Healing, divination

Omens: Truth Seekers do not believe in omens. Books are considered sacred.

Special: Truth Seekers must follow a strict code. In exchange, Truth Seekers are granted bonuses known only to Truth Seekers (benefits increase as character gains levels). If they fail at following the code 3 times, they are dismissed from the order and can never return (they lose all benefits). Truth Seekers may choose to voluntarily leave the order, but they lose all benefits and cannot return.

Truth Seekers

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