Goddess of Creation

Tiana is the Great Mother and all mothers and children are sacred to her. She is the mother of Solt (light) and Sabanti (dark). From their creation, the world came into being and she cultivated all. It was Tiana who chose to let creation guide itself and so her greatest gift was freewill. Although she prefers not to interfere in the affairs of mortals, she will grant aid to those with the purest of hearts and intentions.

Alignments allowed: Any good

Weapons permitted: Followers are forbidden to use weapons that draw blood (bludgeoning only)

Class: Any for she accepts all, but cleric is best

Major spheres: Creation, summoning, healing, necromantic

Minor Spheres: Charm, plant, animal, wards (TOM)

Omens: None


Elgeran Seltsam