God of Peace and Protection

Solt was once the god of the sun and he is still revered as the Lord of Light. Tiana brought him into being to form light just as his twin sister was created to form darkness. It was from their birth, when light and darkness were no longer one, that all of creation was formed. Yet by his light he saw the horrors that creation would commit upon itself and in time his compassion became so great that he chose to abandon his body of the sun, leaving it in the heavens to drift across the sky, so that he could come down to live within the hearts of all. Followers believe that those who open their hearts to him will know peace and be forever safe while those who reject him will know only misery. The High Priest Renart, the unofficial leader of Elgeran, is a follower of Solt as are most law officials. Although Solt is a god of peace, his followers understand that sometimes peace comes at the cost of great sacrifice; only law and order can protect people from the violence within some people’s hearts. If the execution of one person will benefit the rest of society, then it is permitted by the light of Solt.

Alignments allowed: Any lawful

Weapons permitted: Any

Class: Fighter, paladin, cleric, bard, wizard

Major spheres: Healing, guardian, protection, sun

Minor spheres: Combat, elemental (fire), law (TOM), wards (TOM)

Omens: Sunrise is an auspicious time


Elgeran Seltsam