Goddess of Oceans and Storms

All sailors are wise to worship Shaw, for she is the one who holds their fate in her hands. She controls the ocean and storms of both land and sea. She is the daughter of Lunata and Yoggler. She was first formed at the joining of river and forest. Her parents wanted to protect her and so they kept her there, permitting her neither land nor water but only that which exists between. She became resentful and her anger grew until one day she exploded forth into the sky. She tore open her mother’s precious lakes and her father’s sacred forests and hurled them high above the land, swirling them together and then crashing them down where she chose. She has claimed these as her oceans, and woe to any who would try to control her domain. She demands tribute from those who would cross her oceans or wish to calm her storms.

Alignments allowed: Any chaotic

Weapons permitted: Any

Class: Any except ranger and druid

Major spheres: Weather, combat, elemental (water), elemental (air)

Minor Spheres: Summoning, necromantic, healing, chaos (TOM)

Omens: Storm clouds and crashing waves


Elgeran Seltsam