Goddess of Shadows and Night

Sabanti is the darkness. She is daughter to Tiana, twin sister to Solt, and mother to Lunata. When she and her brother were born, for the first time light and dark became separated and all else came into being. Sabanti is now forever separated from her twin, but she watches over him in the form of shadow, just as the fragmented pieces of his body watches over her in the form of stars. Although her followers respect Solt, they understand that some deeds are best done under the cover of darkness. Sabanti shields her followers from those who would do them harm.

She is the goddess of thieves and assassins and her followers adhere to the Code of Sabanti which has 3 tenants:

  1. Never cause others to suffer needlessly
  2. Never bring harm upon a child
  3. Never bring harm upon a fellow follower of Sabanti

Followers of Sabanti are accepted by followers of Solt and are free to openly worship. However, followers of Solt believe that anyone that is caught committing a foul act has fallen out of her favor and may be punished by law.

Alignments allowed: Any chaotic or neutral

Weapons permitted: Any

Class: Thief is ideal, but any except paladin or druid are acceptable

Major spheres: Protection, guardian, necromantic, charm

Minor Spheres: Healing, summoning, combat, chaos (TOM)

Omens: A moonless night with no stars is an auspicious time


Elgeran Seltsam