You are from a diverse land made up of independent sovereign nations. Specifically, you hail from Elgeran, the southeastern most nation of the continent. It is a prosperous land filled with beautiful cities consisting of grand architecture, and humble villages with honest people. It is a place of learning and art; most people live well, although not all.

For nearly a century, war has been ongoing between the Salbik nation to the north and the Fotwill nation to the west. Elgeran has attempted to remain neutral; choosing an action of isolation, but recently war has erupted over the boarders and is spilling over onto the land. The Elgeran’s have a strong military, but with both the Salbik’s and Fotwill’s refusing to join in any official negotiations, rumors abound that perhaps the peaceful days that everyone has come to know are over.

Elgeran is a democratic theocracy. Although there is an official parliament consisting of elected individuals, the church holds the true power. It is for this reason that people listened when the High Priest Alfut Renard issued a statement that “any who can find a way to bring lasting peace to the land will be richly rewarded, both in this life and the next.” This has caused a stir across Elgeran as people wonder what sorts of riches he could refer to, and if ever lasting peace was even possible.

You heard about this a few months ago, but didn’t give it much thought at the time. Of course, that was before you came to Ashadome, the capital of Elgeran. When you walked through the city gates, you saw clusters of people from all walks of life clambering beneath a massive billowing banner. The banner indicated that the High Priest Alfut Renard had added an additional declaration: “anyone who can bring lasting peace to Elgeran and her people shall be granted their heart’s desire. All transgressions shall be forgiven. Riches beyond compare and lands shall be yours. The gods themselves will smile upon you and grant you their blessings for years to come. All of Elgeran would be in your debt.”

That sounds far more promising to you, so you stand among the masses and overhear the gossip: a militia of 1000 men were gathered and march north under Herold the Brave’s banner. A group of 26 diplomats headed west to initiate discussions of peace, led by the esteemed Lord Dwemer. A group of unknown adventures took to the seas to the south in search of new allies.

Yet among the gossipers you see a woman dressed in white standing aside a pillar, just opposite the city walls. She smiles at you gently. You realize then that no one else seems to be aware of her existence. You follow her into a side alley, throwing all caution aside. She has long silver hair and green eyes. She is of a slender build, and under the hood of her cloak you see a hint of elven ears. When she speaks, her voice fills you with ease.

She introduces herself to you as the Lady Alma. She says that she has an idea that will truly bring ever lasting peace, not just to Elgeran but to all lands; even to the far off nations of Soldana and Mercantine, places you have never heard of before. She speaks of a stone called the Tear of the Heavens. It is a thing of myth and of destiny. She alone knows the secret to unlocking its power, but the journey will be a hazardous one, so she is in search of others who will help her. She then hands you a note and says, “I will be gathering a group that is worthy of such an adventure.”

Before you can ask any questions of her or of the strange things she spoke of, you hear a clash behind you as a fight breaks out in the crowd. When you turn back to face her, she is gone.

Looking at the note clutched in your palm, you read the delicate script along the crisp parchment:
Headhunter Inn – Dusk

Filled with questions, you enter the city in search of the Headhunter Inn…


Elgeran Seltsam