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Elgeran – Home sweet home (southeast)
Ashadome – Capital of Elgeran
Fitulgan – Small town near the northern border
Kline – Large town northeast of Ashadome
Salbik – To the north of Elgeran
Fotwill – To the west of Elgeran
Soldana – To the west, past the Beyond
Mercantine – Mentioned by Lady Alma, nothing known


Tiana Pantheon – Followers respect all the gods of the pantheon, but choose a personal deity
Tiana – Goddess of Creation
Solt – God of Peace and Protection
Sabanti – Goddess of Shadows and Night
Lunata – Goddess of Love, Friendship, and Travelers
Yoggler – God of the Wilds and Nature
Shaw – Goddess of Oceans and Storms

Other Deities/Religions – Followers adhere to only one god/religion and no other
Holgard – God of War and Conquest
Ballin – God of the Dead and Undead
Truth Seekers – Logic and Reason

Notable Creatures and Races

Gnolls – humanoid (fuzzy folk)

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Elgeran Seltsam