Goddess of love, friendship, and travelers

When Sabanti saw that her twin brother had left the heavens to live within the hearts of mortals, she wept. Her tears fell from the heavens to the land below and formed into lakes and rivers. When all of Sabanti’s tears stopped falling, they formed the goddess Lunata. Not wanting her mother to be sad, Lunata created the moon so that her mother could have a reminder of her brother’s light.

Lunata is the goddess of love in all its forms be it romantic, friendship, or familial; she cannot bear to see sadness and she wishes for all to rejoice in love. Lunata lives within the lakes and rivers of the world, and all fresh water is considered sacred unto her. Followers of Lunata demonstrate kindness to everyone, including strangers. They help travelers freely and expect no personal gain for their efforts. They are especially dedicated to their loved ones and friends, who they see as gifts from Lunata and therefore are sacred. Followers of Lunata will try to find a non-violent means to resolve any problem and will only use force as a last resort.

Alignments allowed: Any good

Weapons permitted: Quarterstaff or non-lethal methods

Class: Cleric, bard, wizard (wizard followers must forsake damage spells)

Major spheres: Charm, elemental (water), healing, travelers (TOM)

Minor Spheres: Creation, protection, divination, wards (TOM)

Omens: A full moon; a completely clear river or lake


Elgeran Seltsam