God of the Dead and Undead

Ballin is the Lord of Death, the Soul Collector, and the Harbinger of Despair. Those who are slain in his name are his to command in the land of the dead. He decides which remain to serve him, and which will return to do his bidding. Ballin demands much of his followers, but grants much in exchange. Those who would follow Ballin must dedicate the remainder of their lives to the tasks of death, for they are charged with bringing new souls to their god. A ritual sacrifice must be made once a month and all slain enemies must be offered to him. A follower of Ballin must take nothing from a corpse that they have personally killed, for it is not for them to have. To those who are truly worthy, Ballin grants the gift of the arts of the undead.

Followers of Ballin are persecuted in Elgeran if their activities become known. To avoid suspicion, they often claim to worship Sabanti or Holgard. Followers of Ballin are not necessarily evil; Ballin doesn’t care who his followers bring to him, as long as they are humanoid. Many will turn to the Lord of Death to bring about what they feel is justice or vengeance against a group that has wronged them or their loved ones. In war-torn nations, more and more are turning to Ballin to gain an advantage over their enemy… and their enemies do the same.

Alignments allowed: Any non-good

Weapons permitted: Any

Class: Fighter, ranger, thief, cleric, wizard (especially necromancer); paladin and druid are forbidden

Major spheres: Combat, divination, necromantic, summoning

Minor Spheres: Charm, protection, creation, healing

Omens: The art of necromancy is sacred in all its forms

Special: All followers of Ballin must follow a strict code, known in its entirety only to the faithful. A follower of Ballin can never choose to abandon his/her faith and must make amends whenever possible if the code is broken. If the code is broken 3 times, the character has failed Ballin and will die. In exchange for following the code, worshipers of Ballin receive special benefits including natural spell like abilities. These increase with time as the character gains levels. Starting at 5th level, worshipers will begin to receive physical and mental impairments making it more difficult to hide what they are.


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