Adventure Summary

The original party meets together in Ashadome, capital of Elgeran:

Beollimadus Fiddelson – pious yet haughty half-elf priest of Solt of clear noble lineage
Calamira of the Tesdanyali – human tribal priestess of Lunata, a skilled healer and adverse to violent methods
Horrace Greystone – young human wizard with a fondness for unanticipated actions
Spoogian Digitalis – half-elf “winky priest” with questionable motives and a penchant for roguish means
Chiku – tribal halfling warrior who is rarely far from her green tiger companion

An additional party member joined them after being rescued from the Bendalla Caverns:
Yenamros Silverkin – half-elf ranger and practiced tracker

The party meets together in Ashadome, capital of Elgeran. There they meet Lady Alma who tells them of a mysterious artifact called The Tear of the Heavens (often referred to simply as The Tear). It is a thing of myth and mystery and it’s said that it has the capability to bring peace to all nations and all people. It is also said that it can bring great woe if it falls into the wrong hands.

The party begins the journey north, stopping first at Fitulgan and learn that Hanan is the party’s true benefactor and that many locals have fled to the temple of Solt for sanctuary after the Kolber pass fell. While investigating, they are ambushed by Gnolls. Chiku is taken captive and brought to the Bindalla Caverns.

At the caverns, Calamira uses her charms to convince Garg the Gnoll guard to lead them to the Gnoll leader. While Chiku was captive, Sitgar (the leader) and Ku-lo (a Flind shaman who is highly regarded) had offered her the chance to become “sister” and that they needed more fighters. Chiku refused. When the same offer was presented to Beollimadus by Ku-lo with the additional point that he must bring them back the “Ei-lin”, (Ku-lo said this was the traitor and demon who the party travels with). He agrees on the condition that they can take Chiku and the rest of the prisoners with them. Ku-lo performs a ritual that involves a simple cut into Beollimadus’ hand and there have been no consequences from this so far.

Yenamros, one of the released prisoners, joins the party. They follow their benefactor to Kline, a large town known as a haven for assassins and thieves. Once in Kline, the group attends a party that is jointly thrown by the Head Priestess Leah and her lover Roland, leader of the assassins guild. It is the night of a lunar eclipse and a holy festival to Sabanti but Roland was mysteriously killed during the height of the ceremony.

After being questioned by guards (along with others present at the party), Beollimadus presents an official document from the Solt clergy of Ashadome and the party is led to Leah who says that she wants them to find out who is responsible (she has others looking as well). She gives the party little to no guidance, but offers them the assistance of Clyde who accompanies them.

Adventure Summary

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