Session One
The Meeting

Our intrepid would-be adventurers gather together at the Headhunter Inn located within Ashadome, the capital of Elgeran. They meet Lady Alma, a quiet individual who says little about herself or her plans. She carries what appears to be a journal that she often reads from. She tells the group that they must find the Tear of the Heavens. She has seen it said in a dream that all of them must go together to find the Tear to ensure peace for all nations.

After getting some last supplies, the group heads out. On the road, they come across a Badger.

The brave cleric mistakes the Badger for an “evil” badger (like mega evil). The brilliant wizard, telling no one, casts Unseen Servant on the thing the Badger is eating and has it levitate towards the group. This was all the cleric needed to bravely remove himself from battle. The epic battle consisted of a green tiger slashing into the enemy and the mighty halfling cuts the badger down to size. In the end, all that remains are badger chunks. The mysterious snacking object turns out to be a beetle’s leg, which could explain why 4 beetles are barreling down on the group of heroes. On the order or retreat, they all run from the beetles.

The halfling then throws half a badger at the wizard, using the sound reasoning that halflings are known for (he was covered in beetle pheromones, so cover him in badger carcass. The wizard manages to not die.

So ends the epic beginning!


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