Session Three
Bring in the Gnolls

In the morning, Lady Alma introduces the party to their true benefactor Hanan. She is Elven, and wears riding clothes including pants. She has short hair and wears a bow on her back. She appears flighty but easy going. She tells the party many things, but in a way that alludes to her knowing more. She says that the Tear of the Heavens can control the anger in people’s hearts: either to quell it or to strengthen it. This is why it is so wonderful for peace but dangerous in the wrong hands.

She says she comes from Soldana, a land far to the west past the Beyond (deserts) and that she does not remember her age. She says that they must journey north into Salbik, a land ruled by someone called the Frozen Empress, in order to find the Tear. She says that many are looking for the Tear, including the Frozen Empress herself.

She says that she has befriended a local druid who knows more about they area. Both Horrace Greystone and Calamira of the Tesdanyali say they will go with her. Beollimadus Fiddelson goes to see the Lord of Fitulgan, Davy Witherford. Lord Davy says that there are troubles in the land. Many refugees from the surrounding farms are staying at the temple of Solt. He says he has heard of troubles at the temple and asks if Bilymendez, a brother of Solt, will assist them.

Meanwhile, Hanan, Horrace, and Calamira go to see Reggie the druid. Reggie tells them that fires are burning to the north and that the Kolber pass has been overrun with monsters. Robbers have been spotted on the road to Kline and Brownies live in the woods northeast of Fitulgan. He has not heard anything about Falling Frog pass. Reggie gives Calamira a hawk feather wrapped in a blue cord and says that if she presents this to the druids at Yoggler’s Shrine near Falling Frog Pass, that they will assist her and all she travels with.

Later back at the Grotto Inn, Digitalis talks with a man dressed in leathers wearing a brimmed hat who shows a badge indicating that he is an inquisitor for Solt (Beollimadus knows that inquisitors are permitted to act as judge, jury, and executioner provided their actions are for the best interests of the church).

The group all head up to the temple of Solt where they meet a dwarven priest named Garren. Our heroes learn that something disturbed the graveyard. The fresher bodies are missing. All agree to follow the clear path deeper into the woods, except for their benefactor Hanan who says it’s “not her thing” and will be back at the inn.

Deeper into the woods, Leola (Chiku’s tiger), detects something strange and Chiku yells out “we are under attack.” Surrounding them are peculiar creatures they have never seen. Larger than a man, wearing armor and brandishing weapons, but covered in fur. There are 8 of these creatures (later, the party learns they are Gnolls). Two are partly hidden by the trees and are using arrows. The others carry clubs and charge our daring heroes.

Not to be outdone by their previously glorious battles, Chiku decimates Gnoll after Gnoll with superior halfling fury. As Gnolls drop one after another, a broader one stands up several yards away from the fighting. He is wearing full armor that is covered in mud and blood that have dried into a black paste (the children’s “Boogie man” from earlier).

Running on the pure joy of slaughter, Chiku charges at the newcomer who freezes her in place with a wave of his hand. As the rest of the party come to assist Chiku, Mr. Black Armor Dude picks up the haffling and runs away… which prompts the remaining 2 surviving gnolls to wisely follow suite.

The chase is On!

Session Two
The Boogie Man

After camping for the night, the group comes across a farm house on the forest edge. After finding the front door boarded up, and a broken back window, the soldier of the group enters and finds two young children inside (Sylvia and “Tom”). The children say that their parents were killed by the “boogie man.” Digitalis, through his children charming skills, discovers that the boogie man wears black armor, indicating that perhaps it’s not a boogie man after all.

Along the road, Chiku remains with Lady Alma and the children while the rest explore a side path. Further on, they find the remains of several individuals and their horses, or at least what remains from the five vultures enjoying their feast. After an epic battle of steel, fire, and an arrow or two, the vultures are defeated. The group discovers that one of the fallen was a member of the Merchant’s Guild. They also found no wounds on the bodies (that weren’t caused by vulture snacking) and that the faces are contorted in pain or fear.

By nightfall, the group reaches Fitulgan, a small town north of Ashadome. An old man leaving the town with his family tells our heroes that many have fled the town and the surrounding area and that their are fires to the north. The town guards explain that there are rumors of plague (with the helpful advice that the symptoms include “corpses”). Avers, the Captain of the Guard, tells the group that he will speak with the local lord about gaining them an audience.

In the meanwhile, the group heads to the Grotto Inn where Lady Alma mysteriously says she must leave them alone for awhile. Chiku goes to follow her. Lady Alma tries unsuccessfully to convince Chiku to remain downstairs. Then Chiku suddenly feels compelled to remain behind.

When Lady Alma returns to the group, she tells everyone that she has a confession. She says that the next day everyone will meet her lady, the one who is truly responsible for bringing them together. She tells them that her lady will answer all of their questions tomorrow. After a few probing questions from the cleric, she reveals that her Lady was in Fitulgan before them and left a message via a “magic of sorts.” Digitalis seems content with Lady Alma’s explanations (she did confirm to cover all their drink and board costs), but the rest of the party is beginning to consider that perhaps Lady Alma is not as she seems.

Session One
The Meeting

Our intrepid would-be adventurers gather together at the Headhunter Inn located within Ashadome, the capital of Elgeran. They meet Lady Alma, a quiet individual who says little about herself or her plans. She carries what appears to be a journal that she often reads from. She tells the group that they must find the Tear of the Heavens. She has seen it said in a dream that all of them must go together to find the Tear to ensure peace for all nations.

After getting some last supplies, the group heads out. On the road, they come across a Badger.

The brave cleric mistakes the Badger for an “evil” badger (like mega evil). The brilliant wizard, telling no one, casts Unseen Servant on the thing the Badger is eating and has it levitate towards the group. This was all the cleric needed to bravely remove himself from battle. The epic battle consisted of a green tiger slashing into the enemy and the mighty halfling cuts the badger down to size. In the end, all that remains are badger chunks. The mysterious snacking object turns out to be a beetle’s leg, which could explain why 4 beetles are barreling down on the group of heroes. On the order or retreat, they all run from the beetles.

The halfling then throws half a badger at the wizard, using the sound reasoning that halflings are known for (he was covered in beetle pheromones, so cover him in badger carcass. The wizard manages to not die.

So ends the epic beginning!


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