Shaman of the gnolls at Bendalla Caverns


Ku-lo is the shaman of the gnolls at Bendalla Caverns. She is dressed in furs and wears a necklace of small bones (whether these are animal or humanoid is unknown).

She is the most eloquent of the gnolls and flinds that the party has encountered, she has confessed that common is new to her and that she does not understand everything spoken in that tongue. She wears several pouches tucked inside her furs and along her waist. She appears to perform magic, although it is still not clear what she is capable of. She also appears to quickly become agitated when things do not go her way.

When Chiku was captured, Ku-lo tried to make a deal with her and offered to make her a “sister.” She said that Chiku was a fighter and that this was important. Chiku refused. When the rest of the party arrived, Ku-lo then made the offer to Billy Mendez, who demonstrated his fighting skills when he successfully defeated Gulrak (a higher ranking flind that followed orders from Sitgar). Billy Mendez agreed to become “brother” and Ku-lo performed a ritual and informed him that he was now obligated to bring them Ei-lin, who she called a demon and a traitor.

The exact consequences of the ritual have yet to be known.



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