Head Priestess Leah

Head Priestess of Sabanti and unofficial ruler of Kline


Leah is the Head Priestess of Sabanti and unofficial ruler of Kline. She is human with jet black hair and green eyes. Her official robes are colored midnight blue; she also wears a silver necklace with the symbol of Sabanti.

The prior leader of Kline perished, although no one is certain of the exact circumstances, and according to Leah “no one else offered to take the position.” She has declared herself ruler of Kline. In Elgeran, it is generally not permitted for clergy to rule (at least not openly) and this situation has created some tension with the capital.

Previously, she was lovers with Roland (known once as “the nameless elf”) who was the leader of the assassins guild in Kline. During the height of the festival to Sabanti on the night of the lunar eclipse in a crowded room of his own estate full of security, he died. Although everyone saw him laying on the floor in a pool of blood, only the Head Priestess herself examined him. She attempted to bring him back among the living but was unsuccessful. She then ordered his body burned and for the killers to be found.

She has recently charged the party with finding his killer, given that at least one party member officially represents the Solt authority in the capital. She says she has others looking as well, but given that they represent a different authority that they might find something else. She has granted them Clyde to assist them.


Head Priestess Leah

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