The party's benefactor


Hanan is a female elf and the party’s benefactor. She has offered to cover expenses for the party during their journey to find the Tear of the Heavens. She appears easy-going if a bit flightly. Although she will readily answer questions, she does so in a way that suggests that perhaps she is not revealing everything she knows. Whether this is deliberate or due to her believing that the details are unimportant has yet to be seen. It is impossible to tell her age from her appearance.

Hanan accompanied the party to rescue Chiku from the gnolls, but she disappeared without a word shortly after everyone entered the Bendalla Caverns. Afterwards, Lady Alma informed them that Hanan continued onward to Kline. The party meets up with her there and finds that she has befriended the Head Priestess Leah and brought everyone invitations to a private celebration of the Sabanti festival.



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