Folger dresses in all leathers with a brimmed hat. He’s an official inquisitor for the glory of Solt (the government in Elgeran is unofficially run by the High Priest Renard of Solt who is located in Ashadome). He carries a metal medallion that shows his station and gives him the right to above the law as long as he serves the interests of the church. Essentially, he can act as judge, jury, and executioner if he believed the situation called for it.

Most recently at the Grotto Inn in Fitulgan, Folger threatened Digitalis stating that either he can help him catch the “spy” (Folger said that he believes Hanan is a Salbik spy) or he would be arrested, and potentially worse, for the crime of impersonating clergy.

He agreed to help the party find and rescue Chiku, but he said that afterwards he would take Hanan into custody and then to Ashadome to be tried as a spy (and he expected Digitalis to help him).

Shortly after the party entered the Bendalla Caverns (where Chiku was held as a prisoner by the gnolls), Folger disappeared.

The party learns from Hanan in Kline that she “lost” Folger in the woods (she made it clear that he is not dead).

His current whereabouts are unknown.



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