Beollimadus Fiddelson

Pious Elf Cleric of noble background.


Lawful Good Elf
LVL 4 Cleric (XP: 6212) of Solt
THACO 18 (17 when using Long/Short-Bow/Sword) AC 3 HP 29 Base Speed 12
ATTACK: Longsword 1d8+2 (1d12+2) Shortbow 1d6+2
ABILITIES: STR 12(0) INT 11(2) WIS 16 (2) DEX 9(0) CON 13(0) CHA 11(0)
SAVES: Poison/Death Ray 9 Magic Wand 13 Turn Stone/Paralysis 12 Dragon’s Breath 15 Spells/Staff 14
INIT: + 5 w/ Longsword; + 7 w/ Shortbow
TURN UNDEAD: Skeleton(1HD) T Zombie 4 Ghoul(2HD) 7 Shadow(3-4HD) 10 Wight(5HD) 13 Ghast 16 Wraith(6HD) 19 Mummy(7HD) 20 Spectre N/A Vampire N/A Ghost N/A Lich N/A
SPELLS: LVL1= 4 + Cure Light Wounds LVL2= 3
PRIMARY SPHERE: Healing, Protection, Guardian, Sun
SECONDARY SPHERE: Combat, Elemental-Fire, Law, Wards
DM POWER: “Once per week can call for divine protection. Grants +4 AC for 1d6 rounds”
Major – Longsword, Shortsword
Minor – Religion(W), Swimming(S), Local History (CH), Observation (I), Ceremony (W), Ettiquette-General (CH), Heraldry (I), Riding-Land Based (W)
Languages – Common, Elven
Racial – 90% resist to sleep & charm related spells; infravision (60’ darkvision), detect secret doors (1-3/d6), detect concealed door (1-2/d6; pass w/in 10’ 1/d6)
Class Build – Extended Spell Duration (one extra turn), Casting Time reduction (one less turn), Pass w/o Trace once per day
Ceremony – Must pray for 10 minutes as the sun rises to be able to cast spells for the day (can use “Ceremony” check to guess the proper time
Official Note from Eltugard, Potion of Healing (1d8+1) x4, Splint Mail, Shield, Longsword, Shortbow, Arrow(Flight) x12, Quiver, Backpack, Rope, Wineskin, Beltpouch(Small), Soap, Robe, Tunic, Breeches, Belt, Boots(Riding), Sandals, Holy Symbol, Horse(Light War) [Name: Andi], Saddle & Blanket, Halter, Bit & Bridle, Horseshoes
Given to Spoogin – Plate Mail (750gp), Silver Ring w/ Dwarven Ruins (?), Black Ring w/ Ruby (700gp), Vail w/ Green Viscous Liquid


Beollimadus Fiddelson

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