Session Twelve

Secrets Beneath

After speaking with the Head Priestess, the party heads towards the temple of Sabanti. There they meet Priestess Lulu, who eventually explains that she has great respect for the Head Priestess. She shows them a stairway that leads underneath the primary open temple area. It is evening, and many of the other clergy members are asleep. She shows the party a large obsidian statue to Sabanti. The party finds a symbol to Ballin carved into the base. The priestess has the symbol chiseled out and it is given to the wizard (he latter shatters it against a wall causing nearly everyone in the room to fall to their knees from the resulting pulse).

The Head Priestess’s bedroom is here, although Lulu said she hadn’t used it for awhile. There are letters the Head Priestess Leah wrote to Lulu where she professes her love for Roland but says that she fears letting her emotions be known by the populous for fear that they may think she’s being influenced by the assassin’s guild. The letters also show that Leah believed the prior leader of Kline was killed by followers of Ballin.

After finding a secret room, the party finds hidden tunnels leading further down and are clearly older than the temple above. The find themselves in a room with three doors: one of iron, one of wood, and one of gold. Yenamros uses his ranger skills to determine that the iron door has been recently used. He finds faint tracks and follows them through the tunnels. They turn to an area that continues forward or leads to a dead end where some strange small creature is digging through rags.

The creature is about two feet tall, wearing clothes, with a single large eye and tall ears. Beollimadus casts dectect evil and after finding the creature is evil, rushes forward to attack. It begins to make a high pitch wail. After a few swings, Beollimadus cuts the creature down. It is then the party realizes that the call has attracted rats… a horde of rats are advancing on them.



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