Session Thirteen

Where Was That Ugly Pond?

*Out of chronological order – a “what if” Horrace, Digitalis, and Yenamros checked out the alternate path from Fitulgan to Kline instead of directly heading south to the Tiana shrine.

Horrace, Digitalis, and Yenamros scout ahead of the party to investigate the path leading east from Fitulgan, rumored to contain Brownies. While traveling through the forest, one by one the adventures feel a light prickling along the back of their necks. Although initially harmless to Digitalis and Yenamros, Horrace feels great pain from “something.” Horrace gets weaker as the party searches for the culprit until they notice a dark green moss hanging in the trees that grows a brighter green the weaker Horrace feels.

The party quickly learn that burned the moss from afar is the only safe way to pass. Burning them causes the moss to drop to the ground and ooze out what appears to be blood.

Further down, they see an odd creature and then find themselves in a different place and they can no longer see the road. The small “brownie” creatures have donned themselves in vines and leaves. They wield small black daggers. Yenamros makes short work of several of the creatures while Digitalis holds his own. Finally only 1 of the creatures remain. They corner it and find that it can speak.

It asks why they invade their home and explains how his kind came from the north, but then there was no food so they came south to “harvest.” He explains that the weapons the party took off of his dead companions are called “night daggers.” He also talks about how they dump whatever baubles they find into an “ugly pond.” The creature wants them to leave and says he will show them the way to the road but they must leave now. The party agrees. When they come to the road, the small creature and odd woods are gone. Their injuries also are mysteriously healed.

They may not have found the ugly pond, but they did get pretty vials.



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