Session Ten

Who Killed the Killer?

After the height of the ceremony to Sabanti, and after Leah unsuccessfully attempted to restore Roland to the living, the Head Priestess Leah orders his body burnt and the killers found.

Guards, previously unseen, come rushing into the courtyard. Anyone who speaks or tries to walk about is taken away (this includes Digitalis and Horrace). The guards attempt to question everyone with the ineffective approach of “who are you and why are you in Kline?” After Beollimadus shows a guard (yes, this would be Mr. Fucster) a document, the party is gathered together and brought to Leah on the second floor of the estate. The guard leaves them alone with her, and it appears as if only the Head Priestess and the party is present in the room.

She explains to them that her own guards are useless in finding Roland’s killer. Although she has others searching as well under her own authority, she thinks that the party may be able to help given that they represent a “different” authority (she specifically refers to Beollimadus). She says that she suspects who is responsible, but will not provide specifics.

The investigation begins!

Facts and Folks

Head Priestess Leah – was present when Roland, her lover, was killed (she was conducting a ceremony to Sabanti which drew everyone’s attention upward). A note was found in Roland’s secret study showing that an official from the Solt clergy in the capital was insisting that she not only stop ruling Kline, but to also step down as Head Priestess. Clergy from Solt have been arriving in Kline and are currently staying at the Sabanti temple.

Clyde Oxblood – currently tasked with assisting the party in their investigation, he was been ordered by Leah to not directly investigate himself. He clearly resents this. The party could travel freely about with him and speak to anyone (except the two who directly handled Roland’s body and put it on the makeshift pyre). The fletcher in town told the party that Clyde was the Arbiter for Kline and is in love with Leah. He said that Clyde used to be a General at one of the passes before becoming Arbiter. He referred to him as the “murder expert” and was clearly afraid of him. Horrace directly asked Clyde if he was in love with Leah, to which he replied that was once the case but no longer.

Tholtiss – the only person who openly speaks against Roland and is pleased that he’s dead. Tholtiss is currently poised to take over the assassin’s guild (as is Hilda). He is clearly confident of his own abilities and believes he is the best leader for the guild. He also complained about how Roland had stopped accepting contracts because Leah told him so and the assassin’s guild hadn’t really been doing any assassinations of late – a situation he intends to rectify. Tholtiss referred to Clyde as Leah’s “pet.” Chiku told Leah that she thinks Tholtiss is involved, to which Leah told her that Tholtiss is an idiot.

Hilda – she was Roland’s favorite, according to Clyde, and would have been named successor if Roland ever got around to naming one. She openly calls Tholtiss the killer but says that she lacks proof of his involvement. She intends to take over the assassin’s guild. Hilda tells the party that Roland was a skilled magic user (and that he gave little yellow stones to different people with different effects). He always had magical forms of protection. She says that other than Leah, she knew him best and that they traveled together. She believes a member of the assassin’s guild could be the only person to kill Roland because only they knew of all the security for the evening.

Girl with Pin – Digitalis noticed a girl who stood out and openly wore a pin similar to the Sabanti pin everyone wore, although this one had a strange symbol. She told a guard that she was the fletcher’s niece and had just arrived to town. When the party questioned the fletcher (at around 4am) he said that he didn’t have a niece. His home seemed to reflect that.

Wealthy Older Couple – Digitalis also noticed a finely dressed couple speaking in a secret sign language. Hilda said that it’s a language used by sailors. When he spoke to the couple, they said that they had been to many places and found no trouble on the roads.

Other Points

-Calamira noticed a wound on Roland’s chest but can’t identify what caused it. It’s something thin in diameter (less than 1/2 inch wide). No one questioned seemed to know what it was.

-Leah had Roland stop the assassin’s guild from doing assassinations in order to appease the High Priest of Solt.

-All clergy to Sabanti were permitted to carry ritual daggers during the party.

-A poem written in a Salbik tongue, located in Roland’s study, was translated by Horrace and spoke something about the dead rising, end of days, and a holy child that cries. With Horrace’s expertise as a printing apprentice, he noticed that the poem was written with fresh ink on new parchment (only a few days old). The wording is reminiscent of the god Ballin.

-A list of names was also found in Roland’s study; Tholtiss was the only name that the party recognized. Clyde said that he knew most of the names and some were assassins and others were not.

-Digitalis demonstrated to the party what happens if you touch stuff in Roland’s study (although he doesn’t seem to remember).

-There is a chest in Roland’s room and in the secret study. They both appear to be empty.

-Chiku’s tiger smelled only Leah and Roland in his “actual” bedchamber.



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