Session Seven

Dark Deals

Sitgar talks to the priest for a bit, but then he calls to Ku-lo. She is a flind and is wearing animal skin and a necklace made of bones from various creatures.

Ku-low talks to the priest about how they are looking for a fighter. She offers him a “gift” to become like a brother to the gnolls. In says that as a brother, he must bring them the “Eelynn”. She describes the Ei-linn as a demon and a traitor. She says that the Ei-linn is “like him” while pointing to his Elven ears and saying that he travels with the Ei-linn.

After frustrating Ku-lo with his garrulousness, she finally says with exasperation that he can have his friend (Chiku) and any prisoners that are capable of walking without assistance provided that he agrees to become their brother. Beollimadus agrees and is led to what appears to be a table for sacrifice. As he makes his way, Chiku from across the room tries to warn him to stop (during her captivity, she was given the offer to become a sister but she refused).

Ku-lo directs the priest to sit on the table. She then pulls out a ritual dagger and cuts open his hand, then blows on it some sort of powder that immediately disappears. Chiku is released and all prisoners that can walk are permitted to go. Their belongings are tossed on the floor and the survivors sort through it taking what is theirs.

The party then helps everyone out of the caverns and make their way to the Temple of Solt where they receive medical treatment and can rest. Calamira heals as many as she can, and befriends one of the freed prisoners named Yenamros. He says that he would be interested in joining the party, so she introduces him to everyone.

Exausted, the party gets some well deserved rest. For Beollimadus, nothing seems to be different… at least not yet.



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