Session Fourteen

Look What We Found

When we last left our heroes, a horde of rats was about to descend upon them. Horrace and Yenamros lay a blacket out along the floor to block the path, douse it with oil, and light it up. This keep the majority of the rats at bay but many of them spill out from over the sides.

They bite at the party. Some try grabbing and throwing them off, others try hitting them, and others try less manual means. Eventually, the party successfully fends off the rats. Afterwards, Horrace says how he wants to head back up out of the tunnels and the rest of the party agrees.

They return to the area of the temple containing the sleeping quarters and find Priestess Lulu. They then inform her about secret tunnels under the temple, and an evil one eyed creature (Chiku produces the head of the one they killed as an example). Lulu becomes very curt with them and says that they will handle it and that she thinks it’s best if they leave.

Chiku finds a chest and calls Digitalis to open it. Then she creates a scene to draw attention to herself (which ends with pooing in a bucket). Digitalis finds the chest unlocked and that there is a severed hand inside.

Lulu has no gathered more Sabanti clergy to her and is insistent that the party leaves. Reluctantly, the party agrees and they make their way up the narrow stairway to the outside.



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