Session Four

Chiku the Prisoner

As the apparent leader of the band of gnolls runs off with Chiku the hafling-warrior (who is currently held and cannot move), the rest of our party is in pursuit. The 2 surviving archer gnolls drop their bows and pull out short swords. For the first time the party sees Lady Alma do something interesting: electrocute the shit out of a gnoll by touching him. Beollimadus takes out the other and then battles it out with the heftier leader (who has tucked the hafling under his arm like a halfling-football while his other hand is smashing with a club). After a few crushing blows, Beollimadus tries to grab Chiku, but the leader holds on. As the battle wears on, Beollimadus falls. Digitalis quickly comes to his rescue, carrying him to the Solt temple. Our remaining fighters decide that perhaps 2 wizards and a priest are not the best answer to this brute at the time and understand that discretion is the better part of valor (run away!).

Gerren prays over Beollimadus and asks for his brother, Digitalis (who claims to be a priest of Solt – proper attire included), to pray with him. Digitalis, who doesn’t actually know what to do successfully convinces Gerren that he is too distaught over the death of his friend and can’t do the prayer’s. Gerren says “of course brother.” and then resurrects Beollimadus. Now alive, he realizes he feels somewhat weaker than before (modifier of -1 con) and knows that some priests do not know the ways of Solt as much as those in Ashadome and that a journey there would likely cure him of any remaining ills.

Meanwhile, the party informs Hanan of what has transpired. Hanan agrees that it’s best to get Chiku back and explains that the party ran into creatures called Gnolls, creatures that hail from Salbik. Digitalis then goes in search of a potential new ally. He approaches Folger, an inquisitor for the church of Solt, to see if he will help the party find and rescue Chiku. Folger explains that it is a crime to impersonate a priest of Solt. He then says that he could overlook such a crime if he were pursuing a more serious crime. Folger then directly tells Digitalis that either he helps him in arresting Hanan as a Salbik spy, or he will arrest Digitalis and possibly mete out “justice” without having to bother any of the other authorities.

Digitalis agrees, and then runs to Hanan and tells her everything. For now, they will accept Folger’s help and then turn on him if needed once Chiku is safe.

During this time, Horrace uses his bookbinding and forgery skills to turn a travel book into what appears to be a more official document about the region (having removed any actual relevant information). Hanan explained that gnolls like “information,” so Horrace creates the book to trade for Chiku.

In the morning, everyone except Lady Alma who remains at the Inn, goes out in search of Chiku. Folger easily follows the tracks left by the gnolls. They lead eventually to Leola, Chiku’s tiger, who is in a tree. Leola leads them to Chiku… or at least to a cave. Beollimadus knows that the Bendalla Caverns are natural caves and that parts of it were going to be used for mining, but the rock was too hard.

What will our brave heroes do? Will they successfully rescue Chiku while Folger gets eaten by gnolls? Will Chiku get eaten by gnolls while Folger uses Digitilas for target practice? Will the gnolls perform a dance number called “Forever Love my Gnoll?”

Stay tuned!



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