Session Five and Six

Cavern Crawling

The party begins to enter into the caverns and discovers that there is a permeating darkness that torchlight cannot penetrate. Calamira casts light, but that cannot overcome the spell in the caverns. Digitalis attempts to climb the walls in darkness but after some progress, everyone hears a blaring alarm, and shortly a few gnolls have appeared. Outside, Horrace reads from a magic scroll and casts a stronger version of light on the end of his staff. This does cut through the darkness and now the party has a beacon it can follow.

Shortly in, Hanan disappears and shortly Folger is also no where to be seen.

Digitalis agrees to go with the gnolls provided that one remains behind with the rest of the party. Calamira is her charming Lunatan self and befriends Garg the guard. She convinces him to guide them through the caverns to Sitgar, whom Garg claims is their leader.

Meanwhile, Digitalis is brought to a room that contains rotting naked bodies in a pile. Other piles are in the room containing clothing and other items. There are no weapons or armor. After a bit, Digitalis says he needs to use the facilities and the gnoll takes him to a different room that has another gnoll. Here, body parts are piled in different parts and another pile contains innards. He is directed to the pile. Digitalis does his business and takes a handful of… well you get the idea.

Back at the first room, he successfully distracts the guard and stabs him in the back. He takes some gold off of the bodies, holy symbols and clergy robes for Lunata and Holgard.

The party continues through the caverns, led by Garg. Eventually they come to their old friend… the flind in the black armor along with four of his gnoll friends. Calamira attempts to befriend him and explains that there is no need to fight. This doesns’t seem to sit well with the gnolls so they attack.

Garg looks confused and is still, but the wizard stabs him anyway and then runs away as a brave wizard should.

Chiku’s tiger takes a beating going against the flind in black armor while the rest of the party wails on the remaining gnolls (except the wizard which is trying not to get killed by Garg). Calamira eventually calms Garg down, and Beollimadus takes down the main guy.

The rest of the gnolls surrender and Calaria tells Garg that he is free, so he runs away. The party tells them that it’s over because they killed their leader, at which point they learn that the guy in armor isn’t the leader; he isn’t Sitgar.

The party continues down the hall, with their captive gnolls, and come to a massive room (looks like it was at one point an underground lake before it dried up). There are ten archers in a semi-circle pointed at them and on the far side of the room, they see Chiku.

The party wisely makes the surrender gesture of going to their knees. Everyone except the priest who demands to be taken to Sitgar. He is led past a large fighting pit and can clearly see Chiku in the distance along with cages made of bone containing prisoners. Sitgar is a flind and is wearing armor that is obviously well cared for, which is in contrast to the rest of his kin.

Sitgar asks if he killed Gulrak, if he “is fighter.” When the priest says it was him, Sitgar replied, “good, we need fighter.”



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