Session Eleven

Gifts Given

The investigation continues and the party finds themselves at the Minstrel Inn on the western side of town. Digitalis recognizes one of the patrons as the woman of the wealthy older couple. The party makes a few awkward attempts to speak with her. Chiku, with the assistance of her tiger, intimidates the woman and she runs frightened out of the inn and toward the authorities.

Calamira intercepts from outside and speaks gently, calming the woman down. They chat for awhile and the woman explains that her name is Colleen. She came with her husband, Arbor, to Kline in look for work but her husband has been missing since that morning. The last she heard, he was going to meet someone at the Sabanti temple and then never returned.

Meanwhile back inside the inn, Digitalis and Horrace gain information from the bartender that a young girl matching the description they gave of the girl with the pendant had rented a room for a few days but he hadn’t seen her recently. With a bit of coin, the bartender gives them the key to the room she last stayed in and said that her name was Selena. In the room, the party finds a hidden scroll of “desecrated ground.”

It is around this time that Hanan says that all of this doesn’t concern her and she’ll be waiting for when they are ready to continue the journey up north.

The party returns to Head Priestess Leah with the scroll and information that Ballin might be involved. The Head Priestess takes the scroll from them. She then says that they found more than she suspected they would. Given that they have demonstrated they weren’t completely worthless, she decided to help them with a few gifts (obviously the party liked the gifts, if not the attitude). Several items were granted to the party included the “Eye of Sabanti,” a dark red gemstone that when cupped in one’s hand allows the wielder to know whether another they can see is a true follower of Sabanti or not.



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