Session Eight

Off to Kline

After a good night’s rest, the party finds Lady Alma. She tells them that Hanan was on her way to Kline, but she was going to try to “deal” with Folger along the way.

Yenamros, a ranger, tells the party that the best path to Kline is down south to the Tiana shrine and then to the east. The party agreed and bypassed the areas that were rumored to contain brownies or bandits. Beollimadus has peculiar visions at the Tiana shrine, but does not share much at this time.

They camp along the way. Beollimadus casts wyvern watch and Yenamros sets up snares to further secure the area while the party sleeps.

In the morning, they get to Kline, a city of thieves and assassins. The guards here have no issues with the party carrying weapons or of Chiku’s tiger (who is free to wander). Once inside, Digitalis and Calamira go to sell the armor that the party took off from Gulrak’s body while the rest of the party goes to the inn to look for Hanan. Digitalis has some difficulty selling the armor for what is a proper price, but eventually they reach an agreement. Meanwhile, the rest of the party doesn’t find Hanan but they hear something about a festival.

Beollimadus goes to put his horse Andy in the stables. He stopped along the way by a man in an official guard uniform with a sash. He explains to Beollimadus that if he isn’t intending to sell the animal, then he must get a permit from the customs officer to ensure that he’s able to leave town with it. Simply protocol, and leads him to a plush office. The man behind the desk mentions some absurd price, at which point Beollimadus shows him a particular piece of parchment, at which point the man immediately explains that he will fill out all the paper work free of charge and instructs the man with the sash to show him the location of the stables.

Beollimadus returns to the rest of the party along with Digitalis and Calamira. They travel across town passing various shops and festive people who talk about a “party” while clanking mugs of ale.

The next inn appears to be well secured, and they are let in after a bit of difficulty.



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